Safety Training

Employees must be trained about the hazards they face in the workplace, as well as the safety procedures they must follow to avoid those hazards. But just as importantly, managers and supervisors must be trained in the policies, procedures, practices and techniques required to properly implement and oversee your health and safety programs and reduce accidents and injuries.

Our professional safety consultants are experts at training workers, supervisors, and managers in ways that are both engaging and effective. In addition, we offer interactive online safety training courses on numerous OSHA topics that are well suited for individual trainees. And you can also select from our many safety training DVDs and videos to facilitate your in-house training efforts. See all of the options we offer for safety training services and resources below.

On-Site Safety Training

Our professional safety training consultant comes to your site and conducts safety training on a variety of topics for your workers, supervisors, and managers. And we only use OSHA-authorized trainers with extensive experience.

Comprehensive safety training classes that we can conduct at your site include:

  • Basic OSHA 10 Hour Training Class for General Industry
  • Basic OSHA 10 Hour Training Class for Construction Industry
  • Advanced OSHA 30 Hour Training Class for General Industry
  • Advanced OSHA 30 Hour Training Class for Construction Industry
  • Competent Person & Workers for Trenching and Excavations
  • Confined Space Training for Entrants, Attendants, Entry Supervisors and the Competent Person
  • Conducting an Effective Accident Investigation
  • Performing a Job Safety Anaysis (JSA)

All training courses are documented and certified per OSHA requirements.

Online Training Courses

Individuals needing OSHA training in a hurry can take one of the following online OSHA training courses. Click any training course title for specific details:

We also offer a big variety of other online safety training topics via our online training portal.

So register for an online safety training course now. Then you can start training right away (or later), log in and out to train at your own pace, and print your certificate for proof of training as soon as you successfully complete your course.

Safety Videos & DVDs

You may be looking for employee safety training resources to supplement your own in-house safety and OSHA compliance training efforts. We offer numerous video and DVD-based employee safety training kits, and most are available in English and in Spanish.

Here are a few of the most popular titles of OSHA and safety training videos and DVDs we have to offer (click any title for more info about any specific product offered) :

Each safety training video and DVD comes with a leader’s guide, student handouts, and course completion documentation.