Safety Assessments

Regardless of the shape of your current health and safety program, there is always room for improvement. But sometimes you may need an outside set of eyes to evaluate job-site conditions and/or your health and safety programs to identify compliance deficiencies, workplace hazards that can harm your employees, and opportunities for improving your health and safety program. Have one of our highly qualified professional safety consultants perform a basic “mock-OSHA” assessment of your safety program and operations to identify potential violations of federal and state safety and health standards. Once you have a handle on those issues, we can also look at your advanced accident and injury reduction efforts to see where additions or modifications could make your overall safety program more effective. We can even assess your readiness to qualify for OSHA’s Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) and other Voluntary Protection Programs. And for customers who may only have a single issue that requires our expertise, we even offer “virtual assessment” services that are handled over the internet. See the options for services we offer below.

Basic Mock-OSHA Compliance Audit

There is an old saying that a building is only as strong as its foundation. The same can be said about your health and safety program. Trying to get your employees to buy-in to advanced safety and health efforts will not be successful if you do not first take care of the basic OSHA requirements that apply to your operations. Our highly qualified professional safety consultants will conduct a comprehensive mock-OSHA compliance inspection of your operations to gauge your level of compliance with applicable federal or state OSHA health and safety regulations. This includes your injury and illness records, mandatory inspection records, written health and  safety programs and procedures, and training documentation required for mandatory programs such as (but not limited to) emergency action plans, lockout-tagout procedures, hazard communication programs, confined space entry procedures, and respiratory protection programs that apply to your operations. We also look at your physical operations to evaluate applicable items such as (but not limited to) machinery guarding, fire protection, emergency egress and access, fall prevention, walking and working surfaces, electrical safety, tools and equipment, and much more. Afterwards you will receive a CONFIDENTIAL report that lists all deficiencies we identify along with recommendations for the steps needed to get into compliance with mandatory regulations. And we are available to provide additional guidance and assistance, if needed, to help you work to implement the recommendations. Employers who utilize our mock-OSHA inspection services will have a higher degree of compliance with statutory requirements, but also will lessen the hazards in the workplace which can reduce the occurrence of injuries and their associated costs. So take the first step needed to improve your health and safety program and provide a safer workplace for your employees – have us conduct a basic mock-OSHA audit for your company or organization.

Advanced Safety & Health Program Assessment

Experience has proven that even if you are in compliance with every applicable OSHA regulation, accidents and injuries can still occur! That is because the OSHA regs do not address nor require employers to implement many of the key activities that are needed to proactively identify and reduce some hazards present in the workplace. Let one of our highly qualified safety consultants assess your existing safety and health program to identify whether or not you have successfully implemented all of the elements of an effective health and safety program. We will dig deep to find objective evidence of the implementation of key elements of an effectively managed health and safety program, such as but not limited to an effective accident investigation process, job hazard analyses, contractor safety programs, supervisor leadership, and employee-centered safety activities like safety committees, incentives, and behavior-based safety programs. And if you are lacking one or more of these key programs, we can assist you with developing, modifying, and/or implementing them for your company or organization. Because when properly implemented and managed, these key program elements can help elevate your health and safety program to the next level.

SHARP or VPP Readiness Assessment

Do you qualify to participate in the OSHA Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP), or one of the other OSHA Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP)? If so, you can reap the benefits of recognition as a SHARP or VPP worksite. But first, you must make sure your health and safety program qualifies for acceptance into these programs. Our highly qualified safety consultants can conduct an assessment of your operations and health and safety programs to determine where you do, and do not, qualify for acceptance into one of these OSHA recognition programs. We utilize a safety program evaluation matrix that numerically quantifies your current levels of readiness, and also shows you what specific steps must be taken to get you ready to apply for participation in either one of these programs. The benefits of our assessment allows to you to identify deficiencies so they can be addressed in a private, confidential manner that does not involve government agencies. Then you can determine if you are ready (and willing) to take the specific steps needed to implement the key elements of an effective health and safety program required to be in place before you can be accepted into one of these voluntary OSHA recognition programs.

Virtual Safety Assessment

Do you have a question about just one safety topic or workplace hazard? If so, you will be interested in the “Virtual Safety Assessment” services offered by our Certified Safety Professionals. You can submit your question to us via email, including any photo, video, or document that can help us understand your question. Then one of our professional safety consultants will reply to you with the findings of our virtual assessment, along with any appropriate recommendations for steps to take to get into compliance or to abate the hazard. Very quick and relatively less expensive than having a consultant come to your site. Pricing estimates available upon request.



You can click, open, and print the following FREE safety inspection checklists (pdf files) developed by certified and degreed safety consultants. One free safety inspection checklist will be posted every month, so check back often to get the latest one. These safety inspection checklists are typically geared towards a particular piece of equipment or item commonly found in many workplaces (including manufacturing, maintenance, and construction job sites). These safety checklists are general in nature and are not intended to be all-inclusive; there could be other hazards which are not listed that could affect the safety and health of anyone using and/or exposed to affected equipment / items being inspected. Therefore, good judgement must be used to address all safety and health hazards, as well as referencing applicable safety rules and recommendations made by regulatory agencies (such as OSHA), manufacturers’ instructions, and voluntary consensus standards too. Users should also seek the advice of an experienced safety consultant for further information that may be applicable.

Safety Inspection Checklist # 1 – Abrasive Wheel Grinders – Portable hand-held

Safety Inspection Checklist # 2 – Abrasive Wheel Grinders – Bench and pedestal mounted

Safety Inspection Checklist # 3 – Radial Arm Saws

Safety Inspection Checklist # 4 – Table Saws

Safety Inspection Checklist # 5 – Band Saws

Safety Inspection Checklist # 6 – Chainsaws

Safety Inspection Checklist # 7 – Jig Saws

Safety Inspection Checklist # 8 – Chop Saws and Miter Saws

Safety Inspection Checklist # 9 – Hand Tools

Safety Inspection Checklist # 10 – Portable Step Ladders

Safety Inspection Checklist # 11 – Portable Extension Ladders

Safety Inspection Checklist #12 – Portable Mobile Ladder Stand / Platform

Safety Inspection Checklist #13 – Fixed Ladders

Safety Inspection Checklist #14 – Portable Ladder Storage Areas

Safety Inspection Checklist # 15 –

Safety Inspection Checklist # 16 –

Safety Inspection Checklist # 17 –

Safety Inspection Checklist # 18 –

Safety Inspection Checklist # 19 –

Safety Inspection Checklist # 20 –