Let Our Safety Consultants Manage Your Safety Program

Do you have a project coming up that requires a short-term safety manager or coordinator to be on your site for a few days, weeks, or months to manage your safety program?  Or perhaps you are a small employer who would like a highly qualified safety manager to help implement and oversee the health and safety program at your site on a part-time basis?  Either way, we can help.

We provide highly qualified professional safety consultants who can manage the health and safety program at your site on a short-term basis, or on a part-time basis. And you don’t have to worry about interviewing candidates and putting them through the on-boarding process; we have already done that for you. See the options for safety management / safety staffing services that we offer below.

Short-Term Safety Staffing Service

Plant turnarounds, construction projects, special projects, or emergency safety assignments:  whatever your need for a safety manager or coordinator on a short-term basis, we can provide the right person for your job – be it for a few days, a few weeks, or for a few months.

Our highly qualified professional safety managers and coordinators are screened and selected based on their experience and qualifications to meet your needs, so they can step right in to your operations and hit the ground running. And once the assignment is over, they are no longer on your books.

Benefits of utilizing our short-term safety staffing program include:

  • Quickly fill the position with a person qualified to meet your needs – no need for you to run a help wanted ad, interview candidates, and screen prospective employee; we’ve already done all that for you
  • Avoid the administrative hassles of adding a new employee – we handle the payroll, workers comp and unemployment insurance, and professional liability insurance for your short term safety manager
  • Say good bye to the hassles associated with having to lay-off a worker – when the job is done, we will send them on to a new assignment

Let us provide you with a highly qualified short-term safety manager or coordinator who meets the specific needs of your job without you having to worry about busting your budget. Contact us now for a proposal.

Part Time Safety Management Service

Small businesses still have a need for a safety program manager. But most do not have a large enough employee population to warrant hiring a full-time on-site safety manager. Solution? Utilize one of our highly qualified safety professionals to manage your company health and safety program on a part-time basis.

We analyze your operations and help you determine how many hours would be necessary for our professional safety consultant to be at your site to effectively implement and manage your safety and health program. Services performed by our part-time safety managers include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing and updating your written safety programs and procedures
  • Conducting employee safety orientations for your new hires
  • Performing and documenting mandatory safety inspections
  • Providing regularly scheduled safety meetings for your workers
  • Facilitating safety committees and teams
  • Conduction accident investigations
  • Handling workers compensation forms and reporting
  • Acting as your designated representative during OSHA inspections and conferences
  • Administering your employee drug testing program
  • Recording injuries and illnesses on your OSHA logs
  • Facilitating Job Safety Analyses at your worksite

Let us provide you with a highly qualified safety manager on a part-time basis that meets your needs without busting your budget. Contact us for a proposal.