Welcome To Our New Safety Consultant Blog

Welcome to this new blog written by professional safety consultants. We look forward to offering insight and advice to our readers on a variety of occupational safety and health related matters. And we’re not just talking about complying with OSHA regulations (although we will cover that from time to time), but also other aspects of setting up and managing your overall safety program.

We welcome the input and comments of our readers – both those eager to ask us a question or pick just up a tip or two, as well as our fellow safety consultants who’d like to offer their advice. We will address many aspects of safety management, including but not limited to, the roles of safety consultants, safety managers and coordinators, and company managers, written health and safety programs, safety committees, accident investigations, job safety analysis (JSA), behavior-based safety efforts, safety gear, and safety committees . . . to name but a few.  Check back soon!